Environment Planning

Currently we employ multiple planners that work nationwide. All have extensive and unique experience contributing to their qualification. Many of our planners have over 35 years of experience with NRCS planning and more than 10 years operating as a TSP.

This on-farm assistance includes:

– Walking the farm
– Identifying client goals
– Assessing resource concerns
– Developing conservation alternatives
– Documenting the client’s conservation decisions

The final product includes a record of client decisions, a tentative schedule for implementation and suggestions for operation and maintenance, including record keeping.
Our trained planners are registered Technical Service Providers (TSPs) who understand the complexity of environmental regulations.

Planning services offered include:

– Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans (CNMP)
– Nutrient Management Plans (NMP)
– Conservation Reserve Program Plans (CRP)
– Irrigation Water Management Plans (IWMP)

For more information, contact:

Joan Nie, Program Manager, 515-362-7555