Video Monitoring

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The latest tool to improve your farm’s animal welfare efforts

Do you have video cameras installed at your facility?  Do you have time to watch the video? Or are you thinking of installing cameras but know that you do not have time to watch the feed?  If either of these situations sounds like yours, we can help!

This is a confidential, secure and customizable system that fits every farm’s needs and budget.  If you currently have cameras in place, Praedium will monitor the video feed utilizing your current system or we can assist with the placement and installation of a new system. Praedium technicians will evaluate animal care and handling procedures based on your standard operating procedures, on-farm security, and worker care issues using video monitoring.

This system:
1) Provides monitoring 365 days a year, using a random sample, conducted by skilled technicians       watching live and recorded video
2) Provides a watchful eye over continual caretaker/animal interface areas
3) Is a tool for conducting employee training using your own employees
4) Features unlimited access by farm management staff via mobile devices

We also know video security is a huge concern for farmers.  Recently, we built a room solely dedicated to our video monitoring program.  Confidentiality is important! Our video monitoring room includes many security features such as key code access, double insulation, and sound proofing.

“Praedium Video Monitoring allows us to not only correct deviations from protocol, but more importantly, highlight the positive things that happen on our farms at all hours of the day. This can be a tremendous training tool.” – Ken McCarty, McCarty Family Farms

“We soon learned our security video recordings dovetailed into our inventory management system. This video monitoring and the regular reports we get from Praedium give us another check on the number of loads of grain left in the bin.” – Daryl Pohlman, MBS Farms

For more information on video monitoring please contact:
Nick Peterson, Program Manager