Premier Dairy Solutions

A new program addressing Dairy Animal Welfare for a Dairy wanting more than an Animal Welfare Audit

Praedium’s Premier Dairy Solutions (PDS) program is designed to provide professional resources allowing dairy businesses to make informed decisions regarding social issues.  PDS was created for dairies that want to be proactive, and is tailored to meet specialized needs of each client.  PDS is aimed at a total management program to enhance animal welfare, worker performance and avoid manager fatigue.

PDS consists of many elements including but not limited to:
1) Consulting
– On-Farm Animal Care & Handling Risk Assessment
– Review and Development of Animal Care & Handling Standard Operating Procedures
– Establishment of an Animal Welfare Monitoring Program
2) Training
– Animal Caretaker Training
– Follow-up training including but not limited to refresher training, new employee training and incident     training
– Crisis Management & Emergency Action Plan Training
3) Worker Care
– Development of a Worker Care Program
– Implementation of internal best practices
– Training of employees & management
4) Video Monitoring
– Comprehensive Video Monitoring of Animal Care & Handling procedures
– On-going employee training and education
– Farm managers have access to live & recorded clips on any smart technology

PDS will:
1) Thoroughly address critical on-farm risk areas
2) Reduce risk for everyone in the chain- from the producer to the branded food company
3) Support and enhance the farm’s current internal and third party verification programs
4) Connect ownership to day-to-day management
5) Provide proof of operation’s concerns and improvements

For more information on PDS please contact:
Keri Retallick, Vice President of Design and Development & Video Monitoring