Safe Quality Food

Praedium can assist producers in the creating food safety programs in the following Safe Quality Food recognized Food Sector Categories:

FSC1: Production, Capture & Harvesting of Livestock and Game Animals
FSC 2: Growing & Harvesting of Animal Feeds
FSC 5: Extensive Acre Agriculture Operations
FSC 7: Slaughterhouse, Boning & Butchery Operations
FSC 8: Processing of Manufactured Meats and Poultry
FSC 9: Seafood Processing
FSC 10: Dairy processing
FSC 12: Egg Processing
FSC 18: Preserved Foods Manufacturing
FSC 20: Receipe Meals Manufacturing
FSC 32: Manufacture of Pet Food
FSC 34: Manufacture of Animal Feeds

For more information please contact:

Mackenzie Dierks, Director of Food Safety, 515-362-7555