Gap Analysis

Praedium consultants can perform a gap analysis for producers looking to meet specific program guidelines such as Safe Quality Food, Safe Feed/Safe Food and HACCP.  A gap analysis involves the comparison of actual performance with the potential or desired performance. It consists of a review of the client’s program or activities against a generally recognized practice or established program that they wish to meet in order to assist them with further program development.

A gap analysis is the first step in working with a consulting program. Areas where Praedium can assist you by conducting a gap analysis are:
1. Animal Welfare Standards and Practices
2. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)
3. Safe Feed/Safe Food
4. Safe Quality Food
5. Robust Systematic Approach for Humane Handling
6. OSHA Risk Analysis

For more information please contact:
Feed/Food Safety: Mackenzie Dierks, Director of Food Safety
Animal Welfare: Keri Retallick, Vice President of Design and Development & Video Monitoring