Crisis Management

Is your organization trained and ready to respond to a crisis?

Does your key management team know how to handle the media in a crisis?

Although no producer, company or association wants a crisis on their hands, training yourself and your employees to always be prepared is the best way to lessen the impacts of a crisis.

The purpose of Praedium’s Crisis Management Training is to prepare clients for handling a crisis when it occurs. The training focuses on understanding the difference between an issue and a crisis, establishing your crisis management team, identifying a spokesperson, defining the role of employees, being prepared for a crisis, how to manage a crisis, emergency action plans and media relations.

Our Crisis Management Training defines processes and procedures that help clients identify and avoid potential crises, and also manage crisis events that do occur.  Our “hands-on” training methods allow you to participate in training and gain the tools to implement processes specific to your farm.

For more information contact:

Marj Ocheltree, Program Manager, 515-362-7555