Ag Learning is a true distance-learning portal with features that enable teaching and learning over the Internet. With, instructors can create, manage and facilitate customized courses and information developed for specific issues that affect a company, its employees, agents, dealers, customers or others. Access to all information is password-protected to ensure confidentiality and privacy. offers a full set of tools for participants to take and manage courses. Once a username and password are provided, participants have access to:
– Course materials (video, audio, text and graphic files)
– Tools for correspondence with other participants and instructors
– Forums for live sessions
– Online testing with scoring and tracking features

Today is the cost-effective and logical way to train and inform employees and clients. All programs and courses are presented in engaging and easy to use media-rich platforms including video, PowerPoint presentations, audio and downloadable text formats, all available to you online audience 24/7. Its around-the-clock access offers flexibility so that participants can review information when it is convenient for them.

The team of professionals has years of experience in developing Internet-based programs for a variety of audiences using the latest data and information resources. Courses can be self-directed or facilitated by an instructor, and typically include lectures combined with a variety of support presentations, videos, discussion, online quizzes and other interactive elements. can also provide customized informational updates on the issues and events that affect your business by tailoring informational updates to key tam members, staff, dealers, or company representatives on a regular basis or as the need arises. can even provide secure online forums so individuals can share and interact with one another.

For more information, contact:
Marj Ocheltree, Program Manager, 515-362-7555