About Us

Is your farm ready to become economically viable through socially responsible and scientific- based ethical farming practices?


We’re Praedium, an ISO 9001:2008 certified, agricultural consulting, planning, and training company established in September 2008. Our goal is to help promote the safety, quality, and sustainability of the food that you produce. Our staff has the expertise and experience to help you cultivate socially responsible and ethical farming operations.

Here at Praedium, we help transform your farm through a variety of options including planning, consulting, and training.  Within each of these areas we have multiple tools that we use to custom develop programs for your farm.  Some of the tools we have available are:

– Animal Welfare Standards Development
– Premier Dairy Solutions
– Video Monitoring
– Robust Systematic Approach to Humane Animal Handling
– Sustainability Programs
– HACCP Planning and Training
– Crisis Management Planning, Development, and Training
– Emergency Action Planning, Development, and Training
– Web-based learning at AgLearning.com
– Nutrient Management Plans
– Comprehensive Nutrient Management Plans
– Irrigation Water Management Plans

We use these tools to tailor a program or plan to your farms’ exact needs.  Our on-farm trainings encompass all employees from the ground – level up.   We also work directly with owners and operators to ensure business efficiency as well as identify potential crisis events before they occur.