Is a Robust Systematic Approach (RSA) Really Worth It?

Why would we have an RSA if it is not required? That is the most common question we get asked when recommending packing plants implement a Robust Systematic Approach for Humane Animal Handling.

In 2004, FSIS began telling establishments to implement a plan that addressed four areas: assessment, design, evaluation and response of humane handling and slaughter of livestock. If an RSA plan was implemented, it would be taken into consideration when deciding whether to issue a Notice of Intended Enforcement (NOIE) or a Notice of Suspension (NOS). Now the question becomes, is this happening? Are the same guidelines being followed in every district? Is it being consistently implemented (or not)?

It appears now in 2017, correct implementation of Notices based on RSA programs will be at the forefront of issues for USDA and AAMP as well.  We can help customize a program specifically for you that is based on the needs of your establishment. Please contact us at 515-362-7555 or to begin the process!