Solutions to Common Commodity Issues

Who’s watching your off-site grain bins and chemical storage areas? What can you do to keep your employees as safe as possible? How much time would you save with more efficient loading?

I bet almost every person reading this post has thought about at least one of these questions in the last six months. The good news? Praedium has a BRAND NEW program designed to help you – designed specifically around those three questions.

Praedium video monitoring is customized based on your wants, needs & standard operating procedures, and focuses on site security, employee safety and production efficiency.  All Praedium third party observations take place in a controlled room, all videos are password protected, and all monitoring technicians undergo background checks.

What YOU receive: a weekly report containing observations from the previous week (fueling times of trucks & equipment and loading & unloading times of grain trucks for example) and immediate notification of a security breach or worker safety issue.  As with any camera system, you will have the ability to view your feed live and/or recorded on any smart-mobile technology.

We would love to help customize a program based on the needs of your operation. Please contact us at 515-362-7555 or to begin the process!