How are you protecting your brand?

Consumers today are several generations removed from the farm.  They have less understanding of agriculture, yet they want affordable, abundant, safe food produced in a socially responsible way.  Consumers will reward an organization by purchasing their products if their values align—and punish them by switching brands if they don’t. That’s why major food companies are calling for their suppliers to not only operate aboveboard—but to also prove it.

That’s where one of Praedium’s newest programs, On-Farm Video Monitoring launched in the fall of 2016, can help!  Whether you have cameras already in place or are looking to install new ones, we have a customizable program that fits your needs.

We customize our monitoring based on your operation, offering four monitoring services to fit your needs and budget: animal welfare, employee safety, production efficiency and site security.

Praedium Video Monitoring takes place in a controlled, secure room locked with a door keypad, and all videos are password protected to ensure confidentiality and accountability.

Our program provides you with many benefits including:
1) added protection to your business by having a third-party company monitoring the video feeds,
2) reassurance your animals are being treated and cared for properly,
3) allowing for continual improvement and employee training based on your facilities and procedures.

For more information on this program please contact:
Hillary Hanson, Marketing Specialist

Let’s Talk Turkey


As we all know this week’s holiday has a big impact on certain areas of agriculture, more specifically, turkey production.  If you had to guess how many pounds of turkey have been produced so far this year what would it be?  750,000 pounds?  1 billion pounds?  Would you have guessed nearly 4 billion pounds?  That number is approximately 7 percent above the same period in 2015.

Last year it cost around $50.11 to feed a group of ten people a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Luckily this year the cost will be less than $5 per person for a total of $49.87, down 24 cents.  The turkey itself sells for about $22.74 this year which is a decrease of 2 cents per pound compared to 2015. No matter what you have for Thanksgiving this year, whether it is ham, beef pork or turkey, we hope you all have a delicious and wonderful Thanksgiving feast without breaking your budget!