Why Do You Need a Robust Systematic Approach to Humane Animal Handling?

In 2004, FSIS introduced a new concept  – the systematic approach to humane handling. This new concept focused on the treatment of livestock to minimize excitement, discomfit and injury.  Currently, humane animal handling is not a regulatory requirement except in the state of Vermont.  To encourage establishments to implement a robust systematic approach instead of a systematic approach, FSIS is extending a degree of discretionary enforcements such as receiving a Notice of Intended Enforcement (NOIE) instead of a Suspension.  As of 2014, only 200 establishments in the United States had a robust systematic approach and only 430 had a systematic approach.

Here is where Praedium can help you!  Our Robust Systematic Approach to Humane Animal Handling (RSA) templated program is customizable to any size establishment and is also available in both English and Spanish.  Our RSA program focuses on the following areas: Animal Welfare Policy & Mission Statement, Schematics & Flow Charts, Standard Operating Procedures, Relevant Regulations (state & federal), Internal Assessments and Corrective Actions.  Above and beyond our templated program, Praedium conducts Investigative Consulting & Training immediately after an NOIE or Suspension occurs.

For more information on how we can help you customize your own Robust Systematic Approach please contact Praedium at 515-362-7555 or knowledge@praediumventures.com.