Guest Blog: Molly Fenske, Premier Dairy Solutions Program Manager

I had the opportunity to travel to Arlington, VA last week and participate in the Animal Agriculture Alliance Summit.  The theme of the 2-day event was “Securing Animal Agriculture’s Future: Action, Please”.

The conference was host to many panelists and speakers from different areas of animal agriculture.  Below are a few examples of the types of presentations attendees were able to take part in:
1. A Consumer Focus Panel that enabled the audience to ask questions surrounding what consumers really want and why these consumers choose the foods they do at the grocery store.
2. The social media age discussion revolved around presentations from the twitter icon @SciBabe and a fellow blogger, Andrew Campbell, of Fresh Air Media.
3. Interesting presentation on “Activation at the Alter: Use of Religion in the Animal Rights Debate”. Conversations relating to the Bible and what it truly says about the use of animals in an agriculture based society.

#ActionPlease was used for tweeting our pledge for what we were going to do to take action in educating consumers.  For more information on the event please click here.