Winter is Fast Approaching

Winter is fast approaching in many regions of the US.  The next couple weeks is a great time to get out and inspect your farm equipment and get it ready to withstand the coming cold months.

To optimize your efforts there’s a few key areas to focus on. It is good to evaluate the following areas on all equipment and machinery:

1)    Cleaning
2)    Coolants
3)    Bearings, belts & filters
4)    Batteries & brakes
5)    Hydraulics & lubrication
6)    Tire pressure

Checking the above areas will allow you some piece of mind that your equipment will run smoothly and will hopefully eliminate downtime during critical work periods.  These tips are great for equipment that you plan to use throughout the winter, as well as for equipment that may sit until spring weather rolls around.

Standard Operating Procedure Templates

Praedium has developed Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) templates that can be customized to your individual operation for both Animal Welfare & Handling and Crisis Management/Emergency Action Plan.

These templates may be purchased from Praedium and then customized to your operation by Praedium consultants or by your own farm management.  We currently have 12 Animal Welfare & Handling SOPs and 15 Crisis Management/Emergency Action Plan templates.  From these 27 templates, you may choose which ones will benefit your operation the most.  Our templates range from proper Euthanasia methods to dealing with a Power Outage.

We encourage each and every operation to have their own Standard Operating Procedures in place for all areas of the farm, from proper animal handling to natural disasters.  By having these procedures in place, it prepares you to deal with all potential events effectively and efficiently.

For more information please contact:
Keri Retallick, Senior Director of Design & Development
Marj Ocheltree, Program Manager
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