NAMI Animal Care & Handling Conference

Will you be attending the NAMI Animal Care & Handling conference in Kansas City?  The conference which is held on October 15-16 is the leading animal welfare educational opportunity for meat companies, their customers and those involved in the production and management of livestock and meat products.

Praedium is not only a sponsor at the conference but will also have three staff members in attendance focusing on our new consulting program, Robust Systematic Approach to Humane Animal Handling.

Praedium will work with establishments in one of the following three categories:
1) The establishment has a Robust Systematic Approach to Animal Handling and Slaughter but             desires to have a 3rd party audit and certification if appropriate.
2) The establishment thinks it has a Robust Systematic Approach to Animal Handling and Slaughter,     but it is not sure.
3) The establishment does not have a Robust Systematic Approach to Animal Handling and                   Slaughter.

The Praedium assistance program consists of three (3) key steps and establishments may choose which steps they participate in:
1) Gap Analysis
2) Consulting & Training
3) Risk Assessment

For more information on the Robust Systematic Approach program or to set up a meeting with Praedium in Kansas City, please contact us at 515-362-7555 or

Animal Welfare Video Monitoring

Do you have video cameras installed at your facility?  Do you have time to watch the video 24/7/365 days a year or have you ever thought of installing cameras but know that you do not have time to watch the feed?  If either of these situations sounds like yours- then we can help!

One of Praedium’s newest programs, launched in the fall of 2015, is Animal Welfare Video Monitoring.  Whether you have cameras already in place or are looking to install new ones, we have a customizable program that fits your needs.

Our program gives you the ability to choose the number of cameras viewed per day, amount of live and recorded video viewed per week, and even the ability to focus on specific areas throughout the year.  Our monitoring can also be based around your farm’s standard operating procedures.

We also know video security is a huge concern for producers.  Just recently, we built a room solely dedicated to this program.  Our video monitoring room includes many security features such as key code access, no windows, double insulation, and sound proofing.

Our program provides you with many benefits including:
1) added protection to your business by having a third-party company monitoring the video feeds,
2) reassurance your animals are being treated and cared for properly,
3) allowing for continual improvement and employee training based on your facilities and procedures.

For more information on this program please contact:
Hillary Hanson, Marketing Specialist