Guest Blog: Hillary Hanson, Marketing Specialist

Last weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis, IN for the 1st Annual AgChat National Collegiate Congress.  I was joined by 100 young adults from across the US that are passionate about advocating for agriculture on college campuses through social media platforms.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Blogging were the main areas of focus and how these tools have opened up new forms of communication than in the past.  On average, 74% of Americans are now actively using at least one form of social media.  Whether in college or retired, on the farm or in the city, social media can be used for advocating in many ways.

Our presenters, whether from a farm or the city, all agreed the best way for people to learn & understand is to see it in person.  Participants who had farms were challenged to open up their farm for tours.  This allows the public a behind-the-scenes look at what actually happens day to day on a farm.

This was an amazing opportunity to hear from some of the biggest agriculture advocates in the industry and I recommend anyone who has a passion for agriculture, social media, or agvocacy (advocating for agriculture) to check out future AgChat conventions!