Tips on Producing a Winter Garden

Living in areas that have a harsh winter such as Colorado, Iowa or Maine make it difficult for avid gardeners to maintain their hobby year round.  Although it may be more difficult than the summer, there are still many ways that you can produce your favorite veggies all year round.

A winter garden must be well planned from the very beginning.  The first and most important date that you must remember is the first frost date.  Your plants must be inside before that first frost date or you run the risk of losing them.  The next important information you need is to know how long each of your plants take to mature.  If you can’t already tell- timing is critical.

After you have identified your important dates you must find a location for your garden.  A good option for areas affected by snow and cold weather is a greenhouse.  For southern areas you have the perfect climate for growing winter plants outside and areas even further south can grow summer plants all year round.

You can extend your growing season by using a couple different techniques which include cloches and raised beds.  Cloches are a miniature greenhouse that is placed directly over each plant.  These help the plant stay warm and out of the elements.  Raised beds help because the soil is warmer especially if you use tires to make your beds.  You can easily do both of these at home without spending a tremendous amount of money.

If you take the time to follow these simple steps you could benefit from having home grown food all year long no matter where you live!