Happy Labor Day!

The last long weekend of summer has arrived bringing with it the unofficial end of summer.  State fairs are wrapping up, children are heading back to school and farmers are beginning to think about fall harvest.

This year Labor Day weekend also brings with it another holiday to celebrate.  National Eat Outside Day is August 31st!  There are numerous ways to celebrate both of these days including barbeques, picnics, block parties or outside snack time.  Whichever way you enjoy eating outside, remember to follow these good food safety tips:

1) Keep coolers tightly closed when not in use
2) Keep meat away from fruits and veggies to avoid cross contamination
3) Have a meat thermometer handy to be sure food is cooked thoroughly

Whatever your choice of celebration may be, get outside and enjoy the warm weather before the cool fall weather rolls in!

It’s Time for School!

What was your favorite after school snack?  Milk and cookies? Celery and peanut butter?  Have you ever thought about putting a new twist on these after school classics?

With the beginning of the school year rolling around, parents have a lot to worry about.  What your kids eat after school shouldn’t be one of them!  There are tons of easy-to-prepare recipes that kids can make for themselves!  Fruits, veggies, cheese and peanut butter are just a few foods that not only your kids will love- parents also love them!

Here are some examples of healthy snacks for your kids:

Frozen Grapes
Fruit Kabobs
Apple slices dipped in peanut butter
Small tortilla rolled with peanut butter and bananas
Carrots and veggie dip

All of these ideas are simple enough to take the stress away and to let you enjoy the school year!

The Global Sustainability Summit will be held in Boston, MA later this week!

Increased consumer concern, changes in weather patterns, multi-generational farming, desire for profitability, diversification of operations, the list of reasons why farmers are looking to become more sustainable goes on and on. Food production starts with farmers but they aren’t the only ones in the supply chain working to be more sustainable. With that in mind the annual Global Sustainability Summit will be held in Boston, MA later this week.  The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) have teamed up to broaden their international scope to create this event.

This event, started in 2008, gives companies tools and ideas to vastly improve their current sustainability programs.  Sustainability is a global issue and this event works to bring together leaders who can team up to address topics which affect not only the environment today but also in the future.  Whether you are interested in the emerging trends and challenges facing the industry or you want to learn about new technologies, this event will prove to be educational and valuable!

How we see it, sustainability means showing you care for humans and animals on the farm, the environment, the safety of products produced on the farm, and the economic and business planning activities of your operation.

Praedium has extensive experience in developing individually tailored on-farm sustainability plans as well as companywide sustainable agriculture programs with a farmer focused approach.  We help farms implement a sustainability plan customized to your operation.  We use an all-encompassing approach to recognize what your farm is already doing and the moves it can take towards continuing sustainability improvement.