Praedium – Helping clients achieve socially responsible and ethical farming operations is the hallmark of Praedium. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company who offers consulting and training on animal welfare, food safety, including HACCP, crisis management and emergency action plan development, sustainability and environmental planning.

At Praedium our expert staff assists clients in the following key areas:
1) Develop animal welfare policies and procedures
2) Conduct employee training specific to the client’s processes
3) Conduct gap analysis so clients know what they need to do to          continually improve their operations
4) Serve as a third-party resource for on-farm food safety training          and plan development
5) Conduct objective third-party observations of on-farm video             monitoring
6) Develop and update environmental plans (Comprehensive               Nutrient Management Plans)
7) Develop farm-specific programs that meet the needs of our               clients in the areas of animal welfare, on-farm security, worker           care and environment

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